About Us
Dar And Sons International, being one of the most Versatile supplier offering almost everything to the buyer across the world under one roof and in accordance with the International Standard. Our wide range of products include Best Quality Professional & Match series soccer Balls, Training soccer Balls, Promotional Soccer balls, Mini Balls, American footballs, Rugby balls, Volley balls, Handballs, Sala Balls, Futsal Balls, Hacky Sacks, Juggling Balls, Footbags, Sports Wears, ( Soccer uniforms, Rain Jackets, Tracksuits, Polo Shirts, Training Vest, Trousers, Di-Sub Jerseys) Scarfs, Caps, Sports Bags, , MM shorts and Wears, Boxing Gloves including Fitness gears & all accessories With our streamlined business operations, we have achieved in cutting down the production cost, Supplying goods at marketable and competitive prices.



In the year 1990 we got registered ourselves with Government of Pakistan as exporters and started the supply of our sporting goods to our foreign buyers. Now we have our valued customers in Europe and America who are satisfied with the quality of our merchandised.


 DAR & SONS INTERNATIONAL growth during that time can be attributed to its expert customer service, outstanding instrument warranties, educational offerings, repair services, and great products.​